Hello everyone! So.. our big project for 2020 was canceled for a few reasons and it got very quite here.

BUT: Now it is the time to start a new project.

Let me explain:

Here in Germany, we are allowed to eat out in restaurants for a few weeks now. However, we got strict rules that we have to follow. One of those rules is, that the restaurant owner has to collect the contact information of every customer to track them down if somebody gets infected. Because of that, most restaurants got a printed spreadsheet where customers have to fill out their information on paper. Not only that this takes a lot of time, it also wastes paper and is not protecting the users privacy because every customer on this day can see the data that was already filled in.

Thats where our Project comes into the game.

We want to create a simple, secure, locally hosted and most important GDPR-Compliant web-based software that can collect the data, and in case you need it, export the data. The customers can fill out their information on provided tablets or in an open wifi on their own phones.

There are also a few possible extensions like showing the menu after the information is filled in to simplify the order process and have it require as little personal contact as possible.

This solution can be made relatively cheap with simple hardware and deployed in minutes.

Stay tuned! There will be more updates on this in the future.

Have a nice one!