Some of you might read our previous post where I introduced our new project very briefly already. Now, as the interest is building up, it is the right time to give you more insights on what we are doing.

The Idea

We are going to build a fictional world with everything that is required for that. That means, we are going to build a map, factions, religions, species, laws, timelines, background stories and so on. That will for sure take a while so it is definitely not a short term project.

What we have so far

There are a few things we already settled on. One of these things is the name. I also do a dev-log where I create the map live on twitch. ( Besides that, we are in a very early stage so there is a lot to do.

What is the purpose for that?

Once we are done, in a far far future, we will use the world to build something else. Maybe a Novel, maybe a Game. We won’t know until we reach that point.

What tools are you using?

Most of the documentations will be in WorldAnvil which is a very cool tool to do exactly what we want. For mapping tools and other stuff, we are not really settled at the moment and we are trying out different tools to decide which ones will work best. So far I tried Wonderdraft and Inkarnate.

Can I help?

YES! - Sure you can! We have a Discord Server that will hold most of the project related communication. Feel free to join and let us know that you are interested in the Exordior project. We will assign you the required roles and give you a short briefing.

That turned out to be a little FAQ. Sorry if that was annoying. There is a lot planned for this project and I will keep you updated as often as possible.

There is also the Idea to create a Podcast, so maybe you will find the first Episode on this Site soon :)

Until then:

Have a nice one!

~ Marvin (Founder of 0x4d42)