So.. let me get straight to the point. In 2020 me and the crew will start something big. We don’t know what impact this might have, but we will push information out on this blog while we are working on the big thing.

You might wonder: “What exactly is the next project?”

That is a good question. I will tell you a bit about the backstory first. A few weeks ago, me and another crew member have had a Skype call (yes, I know.. Skype..) and played the great classic text adventure “Zork I - The underground empire”. On the same evening we wondered why we did this and how we could let more people experience the great atmosphere of this game. We soon decided to remake it with a more modern approach.

As boring as it might sound to you now, please wait for more details to come. We will try our best to get a working prototype of the first few rooms (if you know Zork, the first prototype will end at the troll-room) at the end of 2020. Until then, we will do as much as possible to create an awesome experience based on the classic text-adventure “Zork I”.

Someone will surely ask now: “Okay, sounds great.. How could I help with this?”

The answer to this question is simple:

If you really want to help, please join our public Team and write a message to the crew chat.

I will read through all messages and get back to you for a quick interview to ensure your skill-set suits our needs.

If there are any more questions, feel free to leave me a message (either on keybase or via mail).

Stay tuned! There will be more updates on this in the future.

Have a nice one!